3 Reasons Why You Need A Travel Insurance


When it comes to traveling, travelers needs to know how important and interesting it will be when your trip is fully insured.

This is why we have listed 3 basic reasons why you need to be insured on your next trip.

Firstly, what is Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance is a coverage designed to protect you against risks and financial losses that could happen while traveling. The risks range from minor inconveniences such as missed flight, trip cancellation, and delayed luggage all the way to more serious medical issues including injuries or major illness.

The reasons why you need to apply for travel insurance is,

  1. For Medical purposes, Emergency Evacuation or For Unforeseen Circumstances: Travel insurance covers any medical issue that may arise in the cause of your trip, be it serious or mild health issue such as injuries or medical illness. it also covers situations where there is an emergency that compels you to leave a particular country for your homeland at no cost because you have registered for a travel insurance and also in the case of accidents, travel insurance covers all cost.
  2. Cancelled Trip or Flight: A situation, where your trip was cancelled due to logistics reason, or a situation whereby you encountered delayed flight, all expenses or cost outside the airline’s control (hotel, meals) to reschedule your trip will be taken care of because of your travel  insurance, it covers you from the hotel and meal cost while your flight is being rescheduled.
  3. Loss Baggage or Luggage: With the help of Travel Insurance, your luggage, if lost or stolen gets recovered at no cost.  Not all luggages gets recovered at the airline especially when it is not reported as a lost luggage but with the help of travel insurance, such traveler will be reimbursed or given a new bag in some cases.

 In-addition, there are more reasons to apply for travel insurance , one of which is The Peace that comes with it, that no matter what, your trip is fully insured, so no cause of alarm 

There are some travel benefits that comes with travel insurance, below is a list of them.

Benefits of Travel Insurance
  • Medical expenses and emergency assistance
  • Personal possessions and luggage
  • Personal accident and activity cover
  • Cancellation cover
  • Legal expenses

In summary, travel insurance is a key thing that has helped lots of travelers in the cause of their trip home and abroad, saving them the extra cost or expenses, and helping them to still fulfil their travel dreams.

We are concerned about your travel plans, goals and dreams, we want you to enjoy the peace that comes with traveling and fully insured, that is why we implore you to Apply for Travel Insurance. 

To do so, kindly click the link below to request for an application.

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